STRiDA LT Folding Bike Review

This triangular A-frame folding bicycle is one of the most unique in appearance of all the folding bikes tested. It is one of the fastest and easiest to fold and unfold. And, it is also easy to wheel around when folded. The LT comes with a Kevlar belt drive and disc brakes, gel pressure relief seat, rack and fenders.

Dimensions when folded: 45 x 20 x 9 inches

Weight: 22 pounds (10 kilograms)

Wheel Size: 16 inches


The most significant pro is the ease and speed of folding and unfolding the LT. This bike allows you to seamlessly transition from a subway car, bus or train to the street. It is easy and convenient to hold while standing in a crowd and to roll around when folded.


The single gear on the model tested was insufficient to tackle steep hills. The unusual geometry can take some getting used to.

Ideal Rider

The STRiDA LT folding bike is best suited to urban environments where the convenience of completing the last mile of your journey by bike will really shave time off your commute. It is ideal for the regular commuter who would like to ride from their transit stop to their destination and vice versa. The STRiDA LT, although not uncomfortable, is not ideal for longer rides.


The STRiDA LT was designed to meet the needs of commuters using multiple modes of transportation and who are traveling only a short distance. The upright riding style and greaseless belt-drive are ideal for people who want to ride in everyday clothes. The same goes with the disc brakes, which reduced the amount of grime accumulation on the bike wheels. For those interested in airline travel, STRiDA sells a soft unpadded bag that resembles a golf bag.

Written by: Gwendal Castellan

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