Designed In London

STRiDA is deisgned by Mark Sanders in UK, London back in 1985.

He came up with the design during on of his graduate papers. Two years later, it begins to roll off the production line. Up to date, 25,000 STRiDA bike were sold to customers all over the world.

STRiDA wins I.D. Magazine's Annual Design Award, Sail Magazine's Pittman Award for Innovation and Safety, and the British Design Council's Millennium Product Award in 1987.

Revolutionize Urban Cycling

STRiDA bikes have made a huge impact on the world of urban cycling ever since they were released in 1980s in the UK. The portable folding design gained favors among tens of thousands of bike riders all over the globe. To date, there are over hundreds of thousands of STRiDA bike riders in Europe, US and other parts of the world.

Going Online 2020

STRiDA Bike Shop sets its mission to spread the brand awareness and interest of STRiDA for the wider world of online users. We want to work with more people who share the common goal and interest for STRiDA bikes. 

As a lot of website also sells STRiDA bikes, we guarantee we offer the lowest price since we bring the bike directly to you.

Our Mission Forward

STRiDA Bike Shop is a D2C online business that sets its mission on integrating concept, design, manufacturing, logistics and marketing into one entity and aim to achieve the maximum win win scenario with our end consumers. Although we do not currently have any retail store for you to visit, we are able to offer you the best prices by cutting out the middleman.