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STRiDA bikes have made an impact on the world of urban commuting ever since they were released in the late 80s in the UK. The portable, belt-driven and folding bicycle was designed to be easy to use and to maintain, but the 5.0 version simplifies the original design further.

The Strida EVO 3 speed is available with either 16 or 18 inch wheels. The wheels are interchangeable so please ask if you prefer a colour but not the included wheel size. The Strida EVO 3 speed is equipped with a custom 3 speed Sturmey Archer gear box located in the bottom bracket of the bike between the pedals. Shifting the 3 gears is simply done by back pedaling until you hear a click. The 3 gears are sequential, 1,2,3 so if you are in 3rd and want to downshift 1 gear to the middle gear you need to back pedal until you hear 2 clicks.

The latest innovation of STRiDA EVO folding bike to install the 3 speed gear system into the BB parts, simply shift the gears by pedaling backward withoutt adding any shifter or cable, every design detail expresses that STRiDA is more than a folding bike but a moving art!

  • Item Type: STRiDA EVO
  • Colors: Bronze, Brushed Silver, Dark Blue, English Racing Green, Matt Black...
  • Weight: 27.5 lbs (12.5 kg)
  • Folded Dimensions:45″ x 20″ x 9″ (114cm x 51cm x 23cm)
  • Frame: 7000 series aluminum
  • Speeds: 3 speeds
  • Drive Train: STRIDA special belt drive (up to 50,000 miles)
  • Wheels: 18" alloy wheel
  • Brakes: disc brakes
  • Rear Carrier: Plastic and aluminum, weight 5 kg
  • Gear Ratio: 100/30
  • Weight Limit: 100 kgs / 220lbs
  • Height Limit: 5'2'' – 6'6'' (160cm – 200cm) 

Is STRiDA rust-proof?

While no bike is completely rustproof, STRiDA is as rustproof as a bicycle can be.

Instead of a chain, STRiDA uses a greaseless kevlar belt drive.

The entire frame of STRiDA is 7000-series aluminum, which is the same material found in sailboat masts.

Moreover, hardware of STRiDA is all either stainless steel or treated steel;cables are all completely encased in protective and lubricated cable housing;

Most of the cable is itself inside the frame.

Bitter End Yacht Club in the British Virgin Islands kept two STRiDA at their premise:

After a year in sun and salt air, they reported no significant rusting anywhere on the bike.

How long will the Kevlar belt last?

Kevlar is used to make combat helmets and bulletproof vests. our belt has been high-torque, high-heat, and high-speed tested in automobile engines to last 50,000 miles. that’s a lot of riding. (they can also be found in auto parts stores.)

Is STRiDA’s frame sturdy?

STRiDA’s frame is very strong.

STRiDA uses nature’s strongest geometric form: triangle.

The bike easily surpasses all frame strength criteria developed by the British Standards Institute and Consumer Products Safety Commission(CPSC).

Is single-speed bike like STRiDA a bad choice to climb hills?

Not at all, unless all you do is climb steep hills. STRiDA travels easily across short distances at an average speed of 10-12 mph (15-20 kph). As Paul Taylor, editor and columnist of Financial Times, observed about our bike. It is quite easy to ride once you get going. gears would help on hills, but i did not find their absence as much of a handicap as i had expected.


Every new bicycle comes with our industry's best warranty and loyalty program - Bike Care. Once your bicycle is registered, we provide each original retail purchaser a warranty against defects in materials and workmanship, being stated as the following:

5 Years

- Swing arms on all full suspension bicycles (except the Session, Scratch swing arms). 

- Session, Scratch, Slash and Ticket aluminum frames and swing arms

3 Years

- Session and Slash carbon frames and swing arms. 

- All rear suspension linkage components, including bearings, rocker link, and hardware. 

- RIDE+ motor, controller, and battery pack (2 years or 600 charges, whichever comes first). 

- All original Bontrager forks, parts, and components (except consumables such as tires).

This warranty does not cover:

- Improper assembly. 

- Improper follow-up maintenance. 

- Installation of components, parts, or accessories not compatible with the bicycle as sold. 

- Damage or failure due to accident, misuse, abuse, or neglect. 

- Labor charges for part replacement or changeover. 

- Bikes used for commercial activities, including those in rental, demo, or security fleets.

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